Welcome to Summer Term 2.  Our focus for this term is moving on and transition as we prepare our Green Bod children for their move onto to reception.  We will be focusing on the letters s,a,t,p,i,n as these are the letters the children will be introduced to first when they go into school.    Here are some of the things we will be getting up to this half term.

Week 1  – w/c 5th June – letters s,a,t –   We will begin the term with a journey through space!  We will be looking at  aliens, stars and planets and exploring the depths of space in our dark den with torches and glowsticks.  We will make rockets, spaceships and star biscuits as well as the odd alien or two!  We will also be thinking about the concept of time.

Week 2 – w/c 12th June – letters p,i,n – As its Fathers Day on Sunday we will be making Fathers Day cards all week.  The children can choose to give the card to their daddy or any other person who is special to them .  Our role play will be a garden centre with our garden centre shop selling lots of seed packets and flowers.  We will be planting flowers and beans in our garden too.  Children will be encouraged to go on bug hunts in the garden and use our magnifying glasses and insect fact books to identify what they have found.

Week 3 – w/c 19th June – letters s,a,t,p,i,n (this will continue for the rest of the term) – Dads and Male carers week. This week we invite dads, grandads, uncles, brothers or any other male carer to come along to play and meet us all at Pre-school (remember you do not need to wait to be invited!!!)  Our Role play will focus on transport with our wooden aeroplane, cog box and pull cart.  We will get out our goal nets and footballs too!

Week 4 – w/c 26th June –  Ahoy me hearties!  Its pirate week this week!  We will make pirate hats, eye patches, healthy pirate pizzas, and lots of other pirate resources. We will get out our pirate boat and do a spot of walking the plank (arm bands will be provided!)

Week 5 – w/c 3rd July – Its role play School this week with lots of books and writing resources for the children to explore.  We will have a selection of school dressing up which relates to the schools the children will be going to.  We will have the kitchen where school lunches can be provided too!  Parent Consultations for children leaving the setting on Tuesday 4th June 3.15 to 4.15

Week 6 – w/c 10th July – Role play holidays this week as we begin to move towards the end of term.  We will have our beach shop stocked with buckets and spades, beach towels and suncream.  We will get out our tent and camp fire as well as our picnic set so we hope the weather is good to us!  Our Green Bod children will be practicing their end of term play all this week.  Orange to Green Bod transitiion week (information to follow)

Week 7 – w/c17th July – Its fun week this week where we will re-visit all of our favourite activities which will be led by the children’s interests.  There will be lots of water and messy activities on offer!  Green Bod Leavers Play – Tuesday 18th,                                End of Term Picnic Friday 21st July (Everyone welcome)