It is a very busy half term as we head towards Christmas!!  We will be looking at our senses using a range of adult led activities and some lovely messy and exciting ones for the children to explore by themselves.  We begin our letter of the week where we will be working through the letters of the alphabet using Letters and Sounds Phases 1 & 2 so rather than beginning with the letter ‘a’ we begin with the letter ‘s’.   Here are a few of the things we will be getting up to!

Week 1 – week commencing 30th October – Letter ‘s’  – Sense of Smell – Halloween   – We will be exploring the sense of smell with lots of different smelly things in our tuff spot – I wonder if we will like all of the smells!!!  We will have smelly pots to see if we can guess what is inside using only our noses and not our eyes.  There will make halloween pumpkins and children can dress up if they wish to.

Week 2 – w/c 6th November   –  Letter ‘a’ – Sense of Sight – Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day – We will be making lots of sparkly and glittery pictures this week as we discuss the patterns that fireworks make in the night sky.  We will get out our dark den and use glow sticks and torches to think about the difference between what our eyes can see in the dark and when there is light.  The children will make poppy pictures for Remembrance Day

Week 3 – w/c 13th November – Letter ‘t’ – Sense of Hearing – A very noisy week as we get out the musical instruments and make some music!  We will be able to play loudly and quietly, quickly and slowly.  We will think about what it may be like not to be able to hear well.  We will be making train, tractor and teddybear pictures too!  This is the week we begin to make our wonderful mini Christmas cakes.  All of the children will be given the opportunity to help to weigh and smell the ingredients as well as some chopping and stirring.  Families can purchase a cake which make lovely Christmas presents for friends and family and we put the money towards resources for the children.

Week 4 – w/c 20th November – Letter ‘p’ – Sense of Touch – There will be lots of tactile activities this week ranging from collage using different media to squishy, rough and crunchy things in our tuff spot.  Children will be practicing their pencil control by writing or mark making their names on Christmas tags.

Week 5 – w/c 27th November – Focus on Autumn –  St. Andrews Day – A very busy week this week as the children begin decorating their mini Christmas cakes to take home.  We will do a spot of Scottish dancing for St. Andrews Day.  Our focus will be on Autumn where we will be looking at how our outdoor environment has changed since we came back in September.

Week 6 – w/c 4th December –  Christmas will really begin this week as we put up our Christmas tree and make lots of lovely decorations make it look spectacular and we will start to pin up our Advent Christmas stockings.  Our Green Bod children will begin to practice for their Nativity performance.                                                                            CHRISTMAS CRAFT WORKSHOP SATURDAY 9TH DECEMBER 1pm to 4pm  –  If you have never been to one of our wonderful Christmas workshops then pop along and join in the fun.  More information on our home page. 

Week 7 – w/c 11th December – Nativity for Green Bod Children Tuesday 12th pm.  Its full on Christmas this week with a Santa Grotto role play with lots of wrapping to be done by our busy little elves!  Children will be making individual Christmas cards to take home.

Week 8 (3 days) – w/c 18th December – Lots of glitter, glue, and paint this week for our last few days at Pre-school before we break up for Christmas.

THURSDAY 21st DECEMBER -Pre-school Christmas Party