Summer Term 1 2018


OVERVIEW SUMMER 1 2018 – 6 weeks

It is Summer Term 1 and we are really hoping for some warm and sunny weather!   We are beginning to look at life cycles this term where bugs are emerging from their hibernation,  birds are beginning to build their nests and our frog spawn turns into tadpoles and hopefully frogs!

Week 1 – w/c 16th April – letter h – We will be setting up our Role Play Hairdressers this week and we are hoping for a visit from a real hairdresser too!  We will get out our hairdressing equipment and model heads so we can practice styling and curling.  (We will be removing all scissors from the writing table just in case!!!!).  Our creative activities will revolve around the letter ‘h’ where we will be making happy hands, helicopters and exploring different herbs in our tuff spot.  We will also be refining our fine motor skills by snipping prickles into paper and bread dough hedgehogs.   Our Green Bod Children will be talking about and drawing a picture of their house, thinking first about how many windows and doors it has and what shapes they will need to draw them.

Week 2 – w/c 23rd April – letter b – To celebrate St. Georges day we will be getting out our soft play as well as our large construction bricks to build royal castles and defensive forts.  We will have kings, queens, princes and princesses and even the odd dragon!  We will be making boats, butterflies and birds as well as searching for bugs outside in the garden.  Our Green Bods will be matching number and quantity using pictures of bugs too! 

Week 3 w/c 2nd May – letter f  (4 days) – Its fish, flowers and flubber this week as we think about the letter ‘f’.  We may even have a real fish from the fishmonger to explore!  We will get out our water play so we can fill and empty containers and and think about why some things float and others sink.  Our Green Bod children will be practising their cutting skills by cutting out a picture of a fish and decorating it.

Week 4 w/c 9th May- letter l –  We will be looking and listening this week both inside the setting and outside.  If the weather is good we will hopefully be going on an environmental walk one day to see that we can spot.  We will be making ladybirds and lions as well as writing letters to post into our Pre-school post box.  The Green Bods will be playing a rhyming game.

Week 5 w/c 16th May letters – s, a, t – We begin revisiting the letters that the children will first be introduced to in school this week starting with s, a, t.  As we have no specific letter of the week we will be bringing back our best loved activities to play with as well as some of those that do not fit with a particular letter of the week.  We will be deciding on the role play nearer this date by deciding with the children what sort of themes they would like.  Our Green Bods will be building lots of exciting models with small and large construction materials.

Week 6 w/c 23rd May – letters p, i, n – The last week of term and who knows where things will be leading us!!!  Watch this space and our notice board to see what fun things we have decided to do.  We are finishing with the letters p, i, n ready to combine them with s, a, t next term.  The Green Bod children will be encouraged to play with the letters in both adult led activities and independent play so they become familiar with them ready for more focused activities in summer term 2.  The Green Bods will also be making their own individual family trees, talking about and drawing all of the people who are special to them.

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