What have we been up to this week


 w/c 19th November 2018 – Letter of the week is  ‘t’  –  This week we looked at the letter ‘t’ by making furry teddy pictures and some fantastic stripy tigers!  We got out our trains where we could use our problem solving to carefully slot the tracks together, negotiating with our friends as we made the line get longer and longer!    All of the children wrote their names on Christmas tags ready to attach to their Christmas cakes.    Our Orange bods made marks for their names forming letters where they are able but the main focus was on holding their pencil correctly.  Our Green Bods used their name cards to try to form some or all of the letters of their names correctly.  They all did brilliantly!

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Week commencing 12th November 2018 –  Letter of the week is ‘a‘  –  This week we put on our aprons on, washed our hands and began making our yummy mini Christmas cakes.  The whole of Pre-school smelled wonderful as we mixed and stirred, chopped and baked.    As we were so busy we  kept our creative activities simple  but we made some fantastic Alien headbands!  We added playdo to our Role play kitchen together with real cooking utensils where we could make our own delicious cakes to sell to our friends.  Our Green Bods will be uses the baking activity to concentrate on weighing and measuring and using the associated language for weight and capacity

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Week commencing 5th November 2018 –  Letter of the week is ‘s’  –  We began our letter of the week starting with the letter ‘s’ so we  made snails, spiders and snakes and to celebrate Bonfire night we made some super rockets to Wooooosh up into the night sky.   We got out our dark den together with torches and glow sticks and torches so we could explore the dark and how our eyes adjust when we introduce light.  We had great fun using our Asco and tweezers to perfect our fine motor skills.  It was really tricky trying to get the counters into the egg boxes but we got really good at it!   Our Green Bod children will be had a circletime where we took turns to tell our friends what we had been up to during the half term holiday.  We had been to the seaside, the park and even on an aeroplane!   During our Knowledge and Understanding we talked about  Rememberance Day and why we wear poppies.

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Week commencing 22nd October 2018 – For our last week of this half term we looked at Black and White.  We got out our dark den and some black and white animals to hide inside.  We made black and white cats, black and white sheep and used different collage to make wonderful patterns.  We even had a go at some golf ball rolling using white paint on black paper and black paint on white paper as a contrast.  Our Green Bod children finished their work on colours for Knowledge and Understanding by going on a walk in their small groups to see what colours they could spot in the local environment.

20181026_113837 20181024_135445 20181023_105044 20181022_120808














Week commencing 15th October 2018 – We have had lots of fun mixing colours this week.  We have used vehicles,  our hands and even our feet to mix up lots of different primary colours to see what happened!  We made some wonderful colour monsters using different colours each time to make orange, green and even purple!  We made each monster unique by adding eyes, carefully counting them out as we went along.  We had a really messy week who says this is learning!!

20180905_143047 20181016_101151 20181016_090106 20181018_113254 20181019_145246 20181015_135931 20181015_140501 20181015_141214 20181015_104401















Week commencing 8th October 2018 – We made yellow paper plate chicks and played with custard coloured flubber as we moved into Yellow week.  We made some tasty banana muffins carefully weighing, chopping, mashing and mixing the ingredients together.  A noisy neighbour was getting our Green Bods very cross this week.  As they tried to sleep the neighbour was stomping about, making tea, noisily eating cereal and yawning!  We had to try to guess what sound they were making before shouting out “Be Quiet Noisy Neighbour!”  They were really good at guessing the noises.

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20181008_113311 (1)









Week commencing 1st October 2018 – We were exploring the colour green this week and there were lots of lovely things to do!    We mixed frozen peas with cornstarch gloop to explore with our hands so we could talk about how the mixture changed as the peas defrosted.  We made some lovely trees by gluing and sticking real leaves to tree pictures, we also made some lovely glittery leaves which we are sure you agree look beautiful.    We even had time to make some wiggly caterpillars using circles, adding on a face and some legs.   Our Green bods had a fun game using the small parachute.  We had to listen carefully to what we were going to do before waiting for “Ready, Steady, GO!” before shaking the parachute quickly, slowly, up or down.  We had to listen again for “!, 2, 3 STOP!” We were very good at following the instructions and we even took turns to instruct our friends.


20181005_145539 20181004_110849 20181003_103843 20181001_002441










Week commencing 24th September 2018 – There were lots of Blue activities on offer this week.    We had water play on offer all of this week where we could fill and empty containers and try to guess which could hold the most or least water or even the same amount!  We were able to fill water bottles with glitter and blue water and watch what happened when we shook them up to make glittery snowstorms. We explored blue paint poured onto foil to make patterns with cars or our fingers where we could try out our emergent writing skills.   Our Green Bod children talked about how we are different from our friends by studying themselves in mirrors.  We also discovered we all have one mouth, one nose, two eyes and two ears!

20170925_13092420170927_103926 (1)20180925_103923 20180925_10411820180927_123301 20180926_143315 20180925_103313








Week commencing 17th September 2018 – Its been all things Red this week as we begin our work on colours.  We made some fantastic red rockets and made patterns on paper using red bricks dipped into red paint  we even made some beautiful paper plate red poppies.  We played treasure hunt games, seeking out red objects from around the rooms and garden.  Although the weather has been mixed we have made the most of our Pre-school garden, collecting the conkers and leaves that are littering the ground and round on the bikes.  Our Green Bod children have been meeting Red.  We talked about how we can get stickers for being Kind to our friends, being Careful with the toys and being Safe when moving around Pre-school.  If Red bod is very impressed he may even choose someone to go home with for the weekend!

20180917_103432 20180917_103346 20180917_140059 20180921_090400










Week commencing 5th and 10th September 2018 – The beginning of a new academic year and we have begun the half term by digging out all of our old favourites.  We have been keeping things familiar with playdo,  sand, glue and stick and natural materials with a few dinosaurs thrown in!   We have had our role play kitchen where the children have been busy cooking and making tea for their friends. The children have been learning the names of their friends and those of the staff by playing fun turn taking games as well as exploring the setting and learning routines.   Our Green Bods have been introduced to the friends they will be with in their small group activities.





Week commencing 16th July  – A very, very busy week this week to round off the end of yet another academic year.  On Tuesday we all went off on a trip to Conkers Activity Centre.   The sun shone and we all had a fantastic time.  We had a teddybear hunt, went off on a train ride, had lunch before going off on a non-barefoot walk and a play in the playground before returning to Pre-school.   We rounded off the week with our end of term picnic for all off the children and their families and it was wonderful to see so many of our children and parents enjoying the sunshine  in our garden.  We wish all of the children who will be moving on to school or other settings a fond farewell and look forward to seeing some old and new faces when we return in September.

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Week commencing 9th July – A busy week this week as on Tuesday our Green Bods performed their leavers play of Anansi the Spider and the Mossy Rock!  They all did brilliantly and the spiders they had all made to decorate the room looked fantastic.  At the end they got a huge and well deserved round of applause from all their friends and family who were watching. We made some lovely multi coloured fairy cakes later in the week and they were very yummy. As we move towards the end of term we set up a role play school.  We had  with uniforms from our local primary schools together with some picture books of the classrooms and staff kindly produced by some of the teachers. Our Green Bod children were able to use this to talk about their feelings about moving on to reception in September and our Orange Bod children had a few fun sessions to discover what it will be like to be a Green Bod.

20170710_091110 20180716_144758

20160720_140458 20160720_140445








Week commencing 2nd July – We needed to change things around a little to accommodate our upcoming Conkers trip so we began practising our leavers play this week with our Green Bod Children.  The weather continues to be hot and sunny so we are doing lots of exciting things outside.  We added a ball pit to our slide which as well as being great fun to slide into helped us so some adding and subtracting, colour recognition and tidying up!  We turned our tuff spots into a construction site with diggers and different media to move around and combine.  We were busy making props for our leavers play too this week but we have to keep things under wraps until next week to keep the surprise!

20180702_100356 20180702_100422






Week commencing 25th June – We had such a great time playing pirates last week that we continued it again this week.  We added some water play with guttering, watering cans, whisks and containers where we could explore filling and emptying and testing different containers to see if they held more or less liquid.  Things were a little fishy in our tuff spot where we had some different types of sea creatures for us to look after!








Week commencing 18th June – Dads and Male Carers Week – This week we welcomed Dads, Grandads, Uncles, Brothers and all other male carers into our setting (as well as female carers!), although we are always reminding members of our Pre-school family you are welcome to come and play any time without the need to be invited!  We decided to make our visitors feel welcome by making them walk the plank!   We set up a pirate den complete with a pirate chest where we could store all of our looted gold coins and other treasure.  To support our role play we made eye patches, pirate hats and telescopes and no pirate would be complete without their parrot!!!     Pirates do not always have time to eat a healthy meal so we made them pitta bread pizzas with lots of healthy ingredients such as tomato, sweetcorn, pineapple, cheese and tomato paste.   Our pirates had their pirate boat in the garden with lots of other resources to help them run, climb and scramble to keep them fit and healthy.  Our Green bod children used our Samsung tablets to take pictures of their best friends at Pre-school.

20170628_140818 20170630_113002 (1)20180619_10540920180626_121334





Week commencing 11th June –  Our role play was transformed into an X Factor stage this week complete with lots of fantastic and outrageous dressing up and accessories together with musical instruments of all kinds.  We could entertain our friends on our own or even work together to form a band.  We made our fathers day cards this week too and as we are kicking off the World Cup we decided to continue with the football theme and make England football shirts.  We even decorated our garden with all the flags of the World!

20170516_121012 (1) 20170516_10563220180626_08571520180611_003610





Week commencing 4th June – We started Summer Term 2 with aliens and space.   We made some tasty star biscuits, some wobbly alien headbands and some brilliant rockets.  We built a large rocket outside and decorated it with planets and stars so we could take off with our friends into outer space!  The weather has been wonderful so we have been spending lots of time running around outside too!  Our Green Bod children practised their phonics skills by matching letter sounds to objects.  It was a little tricky but they all did brilliantly.






Week commencing 21st May – letters p,i,n – After all the fun of last week we had another fun week this week with lots of lovely messy and tactile activities.  The sun has shone so we have spent most of our time out in the garden riding the bikes building with the guttering to make water flow and  playing lots of fun games such as duck duck goose.  The sun has shone so we have spent most of our time outside in the garden!  Our Green Bods made their very own individual family trees.  First they had to think about who was in their family then draw each person onto a leaf and carefully stick it down onto their tree.  We even had a visit from Ofsted this week!  You can find out how we got one by following the link to the report online!


Week commencing 14th May – letters s,a,t – We had a right royal knees up this week to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.  We had our own royal role play with our dressing up and our own Pre-school throne!  We made royal plates and princes and princesses out of shapes.  On Friday we had an afternoon garden party.  We were so lucky that the sun shone for us and we were able to have our cucumber sandwiches under the marquee to protect us from the sun rather than the rain!  We played games and had lots of fun!  Our Green bod children used their fine motor skills to build fabulous models using duplo!
20180515_120325 20180514_092227 20180518_115327 20180518_115359











Week commencing 7th May – letter l – We had a really busy week this week as our Tuesday and Thursday children went off on looking and listening walks.  We had our check list to see if we could spot some of the items on there such as an ambulance, flowers and roadsigns.  We spotted lots of them as well as hearing sirens and very noisy buses!   We made ladybirds and lions and did lots of letter writing to post in our Pre-school post box!

20180510_105303-1 20180510_103616-1 20180510_101050











Week  commencing 30th April – letter f  (4 days) –We made  lovely colourful flowers and played with ooozy flubber this week and had lots of fun.  We even had a real fish from the fishmonger to explore!  We got out our water play where we filled and emptied containers and discussed why some things floated and other things sank to the bottom.    Our Green Bod children used their cutting skills to cut out a picture of a fish and decorated them with beautiful patterns







Week commencing 23rd April – letter b – We celebrated St. Georges Day this week by getting out our soft play and large bricks to build forts and palaces and our royal dressing up so we could be Kings, Queens, Princes or Princesses all ready to sort out that Dragon!  We made bluebirds, boat pictures. butterflies and even some lovely stripey bees! Our favourite activity was playing with boats in squishy baked beans!!!  Our Green Bod Children used their number skills this week by carefully matching the correct number of bugs to numbers.   It was quite tricky but they were all brilliant!

20180425_111816 20180426_082204 20180424_134748 20180423_133610











Week commencing 16th April – letter h –  We transformed our roe play area into Holy Trinity  hairdressing salon this week where we had customers queuing up for a re-style and pamper session.  We got out our hairdressing doll heads so we could do a little practice before venturing to the real thing! We even had a visit from a hairdresser who was able to tell us all about how she makes her customers look fabulous!  We made some yummy bread roll hedgehogs, practising our snipping skills with scissors to give them lovely prickles.  We were able to see how they changed from squishy dough into bread rolls when they were baked in the oven.  We even made happy hands and helicopter pictures too.    Our Green Bods discussed all the different types of houses that people live in and then drew some pictures of their own houses, thinking about the size and shape of their house and how many windows and doors it may have

20180417_143133 20180416_124603 20180420_112501







Week commencing 26th March – EASTER! –  It has been a really busy week with lots of lovely Easter and spring activities to enjoy.  We made bunnies and decorated Easter egg pictures with lovely patterns.  We made Easter chicks and even baby chicks hiding inside eggs!  To round our week off we had our annual Easter Bonnet Parade and  lucky with the weather too where the rain held off just long enough for us to finish with an Easter egg hunt in our Pre-school garden.

20180326_103829 20180327_112950 20180327_120632 20180327_132554










Week commencing 19th March – letter ‘r’ – St. Patricks Day and Charity Cake Bake- This week we put on our pinnies, washed our hands and got baking!  Our chosen charity this year was the Cancer Support Centre in Sutton Coldfield and we managed to raise them £149 pounds by baking cakes to sell to our friends and family (and the staff!!)  Thank you everyone who supported us.  We had our role play cake shop set up with lots of baking things too where we could make playdo cakes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.   We made rockets and rabbits as well as cress shamrocks to celebrate St. Patricks Day!

20180320_121235 20180320_112111 20180319_141756








Week commencing 12th March – letter ‘u’ – Mums, Grannies, Sisters, Aunties week!!   Although children’s female carers are welcome anytime we like to invite them in after Mothers day so we can make a fuss of them and let them meet our friends and join in the fun!  We planned lots of lovely messy activities for them to get stuck into too such as spaghetti, spaghetti and peas, messy mud and shaving foam!  We even had time for a spot of junk modelling.  Our Green Bod Children listened to the story of the Colour Monster who needs help to understand his feelings.  We helped the Colour Monster and his friend to identify how he might be feeling and he soon began to feel a lot better.

20180313_113012 20180314_124007 20180314_095832 20180313_113052 20180316_101045










Week commencing 5th March – letter ‘e’ – We have been busy making our Mothers Day cards this week ready to take home to give to our mummy or someone else who is special in our lives.  We made Elmer the Elephant pictures and played with ‘EGG’citing things in our tuff spot.  We we filled egg boxes and envelopes with egg shells and even made elephant ears!   Our Green Bods were predicting how many marbles they could hold in their hand and then carefully counting them to see if they were right.  They were very good at guessing and counting!

20180306_101909 20180305_120903

20180306_145237 20180306_145250











Week commencing 26th February – letter ‘c’  –  St. Davids Day and World Book Day – A busy week this week as we had lots of exciting things to do on our first week back.   We made colourful cats and caterpillars using circles on the letter ‘c’ .   We celebrated world book day by bringing in our favourite books to share with our friends and we dressed up as our favourite characters from the book too!  We set up our Holy Trinity Cafe with lots of lovely cakes to sell and buy where we had to carefully count out the correct money for the things we wanted to buy.  Our Green Bods played a game where they had to cross a river full of hungry crocodiles!  We were introducing them to segmenting and blending words together and they had to try to see if they could identify the item our Trinity Ted was saying using sound talk.  They were really good!

20180226_130255 20180226_143446







Week commencing 12th February – letter ‘o’  – Another tricky letter this week as we made octopus and ostriches but not owls as they make the wrong phonetic sound!  We also dipped carrots into orange paint to print ‘o’ shapes onto paper.   As it was Shrove Tuesday this week we made some pancakes to eat at our snack table as well as one or two for the staff to eat at lunchtime too!  On Wednesday we made some Valentines Bugs to take home to give to people we love.  We are sure you agree they would be just the thing to brighten your Valentines Day!

20180213_152402 20180212_143739 20180212_100600 20180214_112139









Week commencing 5th February – letter ‘g’ –  Goldilocks and the Three Bears came to visit this week as we set up a Goldilocks role play with 3 bowls, 3 chairs and 3 beads and 3 bears of course!  Alongside we put our den where we could hide away from the very cross bears when we had eaten all their porridge and broken their chairs!  We used golden collage to make some glittery goldfish and coloured in some brilliant Gruffalo headbands.  We also filled vinyl gloves with lots of different tactile materials such as cereal, flour and ice to explore.  We were able to use lots of descriptive words to say what they felt like.  Our Green Bods listened to the story of the Gruffalo’s Child and thought about how the story was the same or different from the Gruffalo Story.

20180205_090855 20180205_123609 20180208_115942 20180205_133319










Week commencing 29th January – letter ‘d’ –  As our letter of the week was ‘d’ we set up our role play area as a doctors this week with big teddy as the poorly patient who needed lots of bandaging, injections and medicine!  When teddy was tired we practised our skills on the staff and our friends too!   We made some lovely colourful ducks and dinosaurs and made a dinosaur world in our tuff spot where we could explore lots of different natural materials and use our imagination to build stories around the dinosaurs as they stomped around in their new environment.  Our Green Bod children played a Kims Game where they had to remember a group of items beginning with the letter d on a tray and tried to spot what had been taken away while they were not looking.  It was tricky but they were very good at it!

20180130_121016 20180131_090333 20180129_141844








Week commencing 22nd January – letter ‘m’ – It was mummy, marbles and mud this week as we looked at the letter ‘m’.  We built on our work with shapes and made friendly (and a few scary!) monsters using different shapes and gave them wiggly legs.  The shapes also came in handy to make some cute mice pictures too!  Rolling marbles in paint to make patterns is always a favourite activity as is making our wonderful yummy banana muffins.  We used tissue paper, soap and water to make clean mud that we  squashed into containers and moulded into shapes.  Our Green Bod children talked about their mummy and whether they looked the same or different from her.  We then used mirrors to draw some beautiful pictures of mummy to put on our display boards.  A really busy week!

20180124_102712 20180123_153600 20180123_104354 20180123_121629 20180122_143756 20180122_101002 20180122_131525














Week commencing 15th January – Letter ‘n’ – Our focus was on the letter n this week so we made nests for baby birds and necklaces to take home to wear.  We put lots of pasta into our tuff spot with beads and other tactile materials so the children could choose whether to make a necklace or just explore the pasta.  We dug for numbers in our sand pit and added them to noisy things in our tuff spot where we could count how many beats we needed or just make lots of lovely noise with everyday objects rather than musical instruments.  We set up our role play area as a hospital where we could be doctors or nurses and help to make our friends feel better.  Our Green Bods practiced their number skills by matching numbered busses  to their correct garage.  They did really well!

20180122_090116 20180119_101816 20180119_113458 20180116_112148 20180116_101835 20180115_125903















Week commencing 8th January  – Letter ‘i’  We began our new term with the letter i so we have been looking at ice melting and re-freezing in small groups as well as playing with ice in our tuff spot.  We used a thermometer to help us think about why water turns into ice.  We had our artic animals and igloos and even some plastic insects frozen into ice cubes!   Our Green Bods had a circle time to share their news about what they did with their families over the holidays and what presents Santa may have brought them!

20180109_134613 20180109_135415








Week commencing 18th December  We were finally able to hold our Nativity Play this week.  All of the children were wonderful!  We would like to thank all of our lovely parents for their support in providing costumes and coming along to support us all.  We have been really busy in our Santa Grotto this week helping to wrap presents!   We had great fun guessing what was in each parcel as before we unwrapped them to see if we were right!  The glitter has continued all week with lots of lovely Christmas crafts as well as finishing off our Christmas Cards.  We finished the week with our Christmas Party on Thursday!  Merry Christmas Everyone see you in 2018!!!

Week commencing 11th December 2016  – The snow stopped play this week and we had to cancel our Nativity play.  We all had lots of fun at home in the snow though!   We dug out our Christmas role play box together with all of the Christmas wrapping paper and had great fun in our Santa Grotto!  We made a start  we are sure you agree they look wonderful!


20161213_112810 20161212_130009


Week commencing 4th December 2017 Christmas got well and truly underway this week as we put up our Christmas tree and began our Advent stockings.  It has been so busy this week we didnt manage to take  many photographs for our website as our Green Bod children have been practicing for their Nativity play next Tuesday!


Week commencing 27th November 2017 – Looking at Autumn and celebrating St. Andrews Day.  We have been observing our outdoor area this week where we have been thinking about how it has changed since we came back in September using photographs to help us see the differences.  We noticed that the leaves had changed colour and were beginning to fall as well as all of the conkers on the ground!   We did a spot of Scottish Dancing with Tracey to celebrate St. Andrews Day it was lots of fun.   As well as all of this we have been decorating our mini Christmas cakes and taking them home.  We think you will agree they look lovely!

20171128_144605 20171128_144532